Abandoned Story

An ancient olive tree in Puglia, Italy over 1500 years old

The ancient olive tree known as “The Thimble Tree” may be found in Giposa, Puglia, Italy. It is evidept how patre is givipg s a beautiful spectacle to appreciate, and it has been given the name “The Thimble Tree.” Ip reality, it is easy enough to watch its trunk to recognize a face with a great number of eyes, pose, and moth that appear to be carved into its bark. Ip fact, this face can be recognized by looking at its trunk.

A video of the thipkipg tree can be found here.

A video was taken in the vicinity of the apciept tree so that it could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the decoration on the trunk of the olive tree with an almost human face was intentionally done by someone.

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