Back Blackheads – Dilated Pores of Winer, Revisited

Blackheads are never fun, but having blackheads on your back is frustrating. Focus on removing the blackheads you currently have by using products designed to clean your pores. These will remove the blackheads and dead skin cells. To prevent your pores from becoming clogged again, wash your back every day to remove oil, sweat, and skin cells

Wash your back with salicylic acid and glycolic acid cleansers. Purchase an over the counter (OTC) acne cleanser that contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid. Squirt some of the cleanser into a soft bath sponge and then rub it over your back. Try to wash your back for at least a minute so the cleanser can penetrate your skin. Then rinse it off.

  • It’s easiest to wash your back while you’re in the shower.
  • Wash your back with the cleanser twice a day unless it dries out your skin. If your skin is too dry, wash just once a day.

Scrub your back with a gentle exfoliant once or twice a week. Buy an OTC exfoliant and squirt some of it into a soft bath sponge. Massage the exfoliant into your back for at least a minute and then rinse it off. The gentle exfoliant will help to remove the blackheads on your back.

  • To make it easier to scrub your entire back, try using a scrubber brush that has a long handle.
  • Many products designed to exfoliate blackheads also contain salicylic acid.

Spread OTC retinoid cream or gel after washing your back.
 Apply the cream once a day. Check retinoid cream or gel products to ensure they contain 0.1% adapalene. This will help unclog your pores so it’s easier to get rid of blackheads while preventing them from forming.

  • If you have hard to reach blackheads, ask someone to help you spread the cream or gel for you.
  • Rub the cream onto your back after you get out of the shower or before you go to bed.
Credit: John Gilmore M.D.

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