Abandoned Story

Exploring a beautiful abandoned castle in Italy

It was built at the end of the 10th century by order of the episcopate and it probably all took place on the remains of a previous structure affected by war and invasions.

It seems to enter a Disney fairytale castle, but it’s not like that, this is real and tangible, it takes us back in time and makes us think so much about how many works of art in Italy are left to fall apart and are not more cared for over the years.

The castle is located on the top of a hill, surrounded by a dense forest that seems to be designed, the structure has been developed entirely around the central courtyard, which forms the main part. Like real castles of the time, slightly further downstream there is a masterfully decorated arch which marks the entrance to the manor and guides us across a bridge which was once a drawbridge.

The facades are very well preserved and still convey the strength and grandeur of this place, while the interiors… well, they seem to have not been affected by time, everything is still in its place… what is even more impressive is that there it is excessive presence of dust or cobwebs, as is often expected in a place that has been abandoned for so long.

To conclude this little study, we have to delve into the unknown or the misunderstood… call it what you want.

The castle seems to have been inhabited by paranormal entities, some explorers and visitors have spoken of presences, others of whispers … the luckiest, if we can define them that way, even had contacts inside with “people” who still populate these magnificent salt.

All this is a little scary, especially the silence that exists as we move from one room to another seems unnatural, as if someone or something suppressed every sound a short distance from us.

Apparently, no sightings have been documented since the 21st century, but there are many stories and each one has its own particularities.

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