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How can they demolish Miranda Castle the most gorgeous fairy tale castle in the world?

In a world where new and modern things are replacing the old and historic, abandoned romantic ruins hold a special place of value. One such captivating ruin is Miranda Castle, a magnificent neo-Gothic marvel built in the 19th century, located in Celles, Namur Province, Belgium. We fell in love with this beautiful chateau the moment we saw a photograph of it.

The castle was constructed in 1866 by English architect Edward Milner for the Liedekerke-De Beaufort family, who had to leave Vêves Fortress during the French Revolution. However, Milner passed away before its completion, and the tower with the clock was added in 1907.

Since 1991, the castle has been empty and uninhabited due to the high costs of maintenance and failed attempts to attract investors. In 2015, the town of Celles offered to take over the castle, but the family declined. As a result, the building has deteriorated due to the elements and acts of vandalism. A fire has also caused significant damage, leading to the collapse of large sections of the ceiling. Kenneth Provost, an Urbex photographer living in the same county, brought attention to the potential demolition of Noisy Chateau. However, no official English report about its demolition exists.

The Liedekerke Beaufort County, the owner of the castle, obtained a demolition permit in July 2015. Alain Maes, who works with the Aresno Association to protect Noisy Castle, expressed surprise upon learning about this. The recommendations of the official representative from the Walloon Region, assigned to investigate the situation, were adopted by Houyet College, ensuring necessary precautions were taken for security purposes. It’s important to note that the castle is not on government land and has been subject to numerous unauthorized intrusions. Mayor Yvan Petit stated that they have implemented protective measures.

Entering the castle without permission is extremely risky due to its dangerous state of disrepair. This is why the owner began demolishing parts of it two years ago, as reported by Kenneth Provost. Mayor Yvan Petit emphasizes the safeguards they have put in place. Those who choose to enter the castle without authorization do so at their own peril. Consequently, the owner has the option to demolish it if they wish. Although demolition hasn’t commenced yet, we can only hope that someone will step in to save and preserve this remarkable treasure. Restoring the castle is estimated to cost between 15 and 25 million euros. Previously, the ASBL sought individual investors interested in transforming it into a hotel with a restaurant. However, two years later, there doesn’t appear to be a significant plan in place, as per reports. The Walloon Region now provides stronger protections for the castle, granting the owner the choice to demolish it if desired. In the meantime, we can only pray that someone takes action to save and safeguard this magnificent gem.

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