Huge Dilated Pores of Winer Removal

Large pores or blemishes on your face can make you feel self-conscious, but there’s no need to hide under a paper bag. Both large pores and blemishes are easy to get rid of with a little daily care.

Wash your face every day, being careful not to overwash. Pores enlarge when they become clogged with dirt, oil, or bacteria, causing them to become inflamed. Washing your face regularly but not too often — once in the morning, once at night — will help keep your pores looking smaller and feeling better.

Apply ice cubes to your face. Place the ice cubes gently along your pores for 15 to 30 seconds. This will have a tightening effect on your skin

Make a baking soda paste. Makeup artists swear by baking soda, as it may help minimize the appearance of pores while fighting acne at the same time. If you have very sensitive skin, however, use baking soda with caution, as it may irritate your skin.

  1. Mix equal parts baking soda and warm water (2 tablespoons each) into a paste.
  2. Using a circular motion, massage paste into pores gently for about 30 seconds.
  3. Rinse off using cool water.
  4. Use this regimen as part of your normal face-washing routine, every night, for 5 to 7 days. After a week of use, reduce regimen to 3 to 5 times per week.

Drench a washcloth in lemon and pineapple juice. Place the washcloth firmly on your face for one minute. Then rinse your skin with warm water. Lemon and pineapple juice contain natural enzymes that tighten and firm the face while also purifying and brightening the skin if you have sensitive skin use moisturizer before hand just to make sure the citrus doesn’t break you out. Lemon particularly has the ability to cleanse and shrink the appearance of pores.

Use a light scrub. A scrub, as opposed to a wash, usually contains very small beads or other massaging implements (think finely ground apricot cores, for example) that assist in unclogging pores. Certain light scrubs can be used nightly instead of face wash.

  • If you’re going to use a scrub instead of a wash, leave it at that. Don’t wash your face afterwards; it’s an either/or thing. Excessive washing of your skin can cause irritation and redness, rendering any gains in pore-reducing virtually useless.

Try a yogurt mask. Plain yogurt contains lactic acid and probiotics, which when applied to the skin, help keep the bad bacteria that causes acne in check, thereby reducing the appearance of pore size.

  • Apply a thin layer of plain yogurt over face and let stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Longer than 10 minutes can irritate the skin.
  • Use only about once a week. As with most masks, less is often more, so don’t be tricked into thinking you need to constantly be exfoliating.

Eat healthy. Eat a diet rich in lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids. Drink plenty of water instead of sugary, caffeine-laden drinks. Avoid excessive milk and dairy, which have hormones that make acne worse…

  • Get plenty of vitamin A, vitamin C, and B-vitamins. Vitamin C can help minimize lines, scars, and wrinkles, while vitamin A acts in a similar way.
  • Oranges produce firmer skin and rebuild collagen, which may contribute to increasing the elasticity  of your skin and reducing your pore walls. Tangerines also have this effect.

Use alpha and beta hydroxy acids, or AHAs and BHAs. AHAs and BHAs are chemical, rather than natural, exfoliants. They weaken the binding properties of lipids, which keep the dead skin cells on the outer skin intact even after they should be sloughed off. BHAs are better at really penetrating pores because they’re lipid-soluble, meaning they can cut right through the oil or sebum in your pores.

  • Use chemical peels like AHAs and BHAs every four to six weeks. Again, just because you do it more often doesn’t mean it’s better for your skin.

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