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The Abandoned Chateau Richard | Unraveling Quebec’s Victorian Mystery

Sitting atop a hill in the serene Quebec countryside, you’ll stumble upon the Abandoned Château Richard, also known as Château Zoé-Turgeon. This magnificent Victorian mansion was constructed in 1907 by Louis Richard, an industrialist who prospered as the proprietor of a synthetic leather factory.

Château Zoé-Turgeon, a grand residence of the bourgeois style, was built during 1906 and 1907. The structure boasts an intricate yet compact layout: a stone base supports two stone floors, while an additional floor forms the lofty roof with its numerous slopes. This roof is covered with sheet metal in the Canadian style.

The house’s distinct volume is defined by various projecting elements. These include a polygonal tower that slightly hangs over the southern corner, two bay windows adorning the side elevations, and a two-story covered gallery on the front facade.

The roof showcases two gables atop the bay windows and a dormer window crowned with a triangular pediment. The ornate details encompass stone arches above the openings, a finely carved cornice supported by brackets, and intricate woodwork gracing the gallery, along with a decorative ridge crest.

The property’s boundaries are marked by an elegant cast iron gate at the front and rows of trees bordering the western and northern sides. A historical fountain graces the grounds, adding to the property’s charm. Regrettably, the current owner does not inhabit the château and has reportedly been rather hesitant to engage with others in the past.

There are a multitude of rumors circulating about the mansion being haunted, and tales of tragic incidents occurring within its walls have evolved into urban legends. Today, the once-elegant porches show signs of deterioration, though the surrounding grounds are still diligently tended to.

Presently, there are no active plans to restore the house, and it appears that the current owner is not particularly inclined to permit access to outsiders.

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