Abandoned Story

This Abandoned McMansion is Only 10 Years Old!!

On this vast piece of land, there used to be a ranch-style house that looked quite similar to the other homes in the neighborhood just over ten years ago. It was bought and then divided into two separate lots. This particular house was occupied for only ten years before it was sold again with the intention of demolishing it to make room for a new and extensive townhouse community.

In its place, two brand new custom-built McMansions were erected and lived in during that time. Now, as the remaining part of this abandoned mansion is about to be demolished, the current owners of the property, a group of developers, have been working hard to salvage any valuable materials that can be reused.

To be completely honest, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would ever have the chance to step inside such a modern home, nor did I ever think that such a recently built structure would be torn down… but here we are!

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