Abandoned Story

Unfaded Elegance! The Discovery Of The Abandoned Farmhouse

Architecture is a different kind of art. It is simply the beauty of spaces and forms. The beauty of architecture gets a contemporary influence from time to time. This exciting conversation about an abandoned farmhouse tells us how elegantly it stood once upon a time.

This house is located in a small town in the South of France. It is assumed that it once belonged to a prominent family. It says that it is the first house built in that town a long time back in history.

According to the legends, the family is well-known in the town. But no one who lives there now does not know why the house is in this state; old, neglected, and abandoned. And no one knows what happened to that family. These are some of the pictures we found.

Looking closely at them, you can see how elegantly the family must have lived in the house. The details of the architecture, the leftover furniture, and the decor tell us a long story about the family that lived here.

The house and the exterior details

An elaborate upstairs bedroom

An upstairs bedroom with an elegant setup

The magnificent dining room

It could be a kid’s bedroom.

Another upstairs bedroom

An upstairs bedroom that still has the traces of elegance

Another dining room

An elaborated  bed

A cozy corner in a bedroom

This bedroom is simple but classy.

Bedroom details


A reading corner

Once busy kitchen

The family members

Now, here are the inhabitants!

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