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Look inside this bizarre abandoned fort for Sale off the Welsh coast

An abandoned fort off the coast of Pembrokshire is set to be transformed into an adventure activity centre.

Welsh businessman Phil Hedley is looking to secure £250,000 in order to purchase the site for which he has great plans.

Stack Rock was built between 1850 and 1852.
It housed 150 soldiers in its heyday, but the Grade II listed building has been out of use for most of the past century after being disarmed in 1929.
Since then, the site has been offered to buyers on multiple occasions, with the last coming in 2018

But now, the abandoned fort looks set to brought back into use following a chance encounter with Mr Hedley who said: “I was walking the coast path with my dogs in the Christmas holidays when it popped up on Facebook on my phone saying it was on the market.

“I saw it and I thought that’s less than the cost of a semi-detached house in Milford and started thinking about how I could fund it.”

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